Mr. Eric W. Dutton retired November 2007 from the City of Folsom, California, Fire Department after 31 years of fulltime service.  Mr. Dutton has been a Folsom resident since January 1970.  His interest in the fire service began in 1974 during his junior year in high school when an opportunity to enter the ROP program in Folsom Fire Department opened the door to the Fire and Emergency Medical Services. 
He became a volunteer firefighter his senior year of high school, graduated mid-term in January 1975 and then became a live-in resident firefighter.  Mr. Dutton was hired in July 1976 and became a full-time permanent employee in January 1977 after completing the first ever testing process for Firefighter.  He has held the rank of Firefighter and Engineer (77-89), Suppression Captain and Training Officer (89-95), Battalion Chief (95-97) and finally as Fire Chief (97-2007).

Mr. Dutton received an Associate Degree in Fire Technology from American River College and a Bachelors Degree in Fire Administration from Cogswell Polytechnical College.  He has attended numerous courses in the National Fire Academy's Executive Fire Officer program, has been Chairperson, and Folsom’s representative, to the Sacramento Regional Fire/EMS Communications Center for 10 years, a member of the Sacramento County Fire Advisory Board, Past Chair and Vice-Chair of the Sacramento County Fire Chief’s Association, Folsom’s representative on the Sacramento County Operational Area Council, and the Northern California Area 2 Director for the California Fire Chiefs Association.

Mr. Dutton has had valuable experience with volunteers starting with the fire services when the Department was part paid and part volunteer.  He has also served as president and coach for Folsom Little League from 1988-1991, president of the Folsom Fireman's Association and is currently on the Board of the Folsom Historical Society.


Interim Assignments
Complete Fire Chief duties and responsibilities, as well as assistance to newly appointed internal candidates.

Management and Administration
Various forms of management and administrative services are available to meet individual and agency needs.

Speaking Engagements
Energetic, well versed and well spoken.

Human Resource Matters
Personnel matters, internal investigations, progressive corrective activities, workers' compensation issues, etc.

Collective Bargaining / Negotiations
Ten years of direct involvement with City and Union negotiation teams and development of Memorandum of Understanding language and side letters of agreement.

Fire Facilities
Experience includes direct involvement with the remodel / expansion of one facility, design and construction of two new facilities 11,000 and 24,000 sq. ft each and overall project management.

Policies and Procedures
Development and review of all forms of policies and standard operating procedures.

Fire Service Instruction
Fire service management, administration, apparatus operator, fire ground operations.

Meeting Facilitation

IAFC - International Association of Fire Chiefs  www.iafc.org
CFCA - California Fire Chiefs Association  wwww.calchiefs.org
APCO - Association of Public Safety Communications Officials  www.apcointl.org
NFPA - National Fire Protection Association  www.nfpa.org
WWFCA - Western Fire Chiefs Association  www.wfca.com
CPSE - Center for Public Safety Excellence  www.publicsafetyexcellence.org

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