Fire ICS is independently owned and operated with a commitment to quality and personalized services.  Fire ICS is the result of 33 glorious years in the delivery of Emergency Fire and Medical Services.  The opportunity to be involved in a professional occupation that is demanding, and yet so very rewarding, has been a privilege and a honor. 

The many years of service provided the ability to be involved with all aspects of this business.  From the beginning as a volunteer firefighter, up through the ranks, and then the last 12 years in management and administration provided ample opportunity to acquire the diverse knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for this professional venture.

A reflection on a long career and what success looks like resulted in the simple and unique process of effectively mastering and balancing C, L, E, A, and R.  This all being possible if everyone is guided by, and adheres to, a simple principle of existence:

                                       "Be Nice, Play Fair, Have Fun"

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